Alan Joyce

human person

I'm a Product Manager on the Google Stadia team. Before that, I worked on Google Lens, AR, YouTube Gaming, and Google Chrome.

I co-host Earful of Cocktail, the world's most popular Cocktail podcast. Before that, I hosted Earful of Convoy, Northern California's #1 podcast about the 1978 movie based upon the 1976 novelty song about trucking. I also sometimes contribute to Tilting at Pixels, a video game review site, and make my own YouTube videos, which nobody watches.

At one point, I wrote two guidebooks to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, along with some software, and I used to produce a few podcasts. I studied Computer Science at Stanford University (B.S., M.S.).

You can follow me on Twitter @alanjoyce, where I'm frequently confused for the CEO of Qantas airlines.